Amazon Announces 2 New EC2 Instance Types: Cluster High Memory With 240GB RAM And High Storage With 48TB HDD Space

At Amazon’s re: Invent developer conference in Las Vegas today, the company’s chief technology officer Werner Vogels just announced that the company is launching two new large instance types for its EC2 cloud computing service.

The first is meant for application that need to deal with large-scale, in-memory processing. This “Cluster High Memory” instance type will offer a massive 240 GB of RAM and two 120GB SSDs. The second, the “High Storage” instance is, as the name implies, focused on storage and will come with 117 GB of RAM and 24 hard drive for a total of 48 terabytes of  HDD space.

These two new instances augment Amazon’s large range of existing instance types. It’s worth noting that just a few days ago, Google also announced that it would expand its relatively small line-up of instance types for its Compute Engine from four to 36. None of these, though, can quite match the size of the two new types Amazon just announced.