Kickstarter: myLED Adds Another LED To Your iPhone

One of Steve Jobs’ biggest pet peeves was external LED lights on cellphones. Oh how he would storm through the Apple offices, harrumphing at the thought of a Motorola KRZR lighting up like a tiny Christmas tree. He’d probably be really angry at this new product, myLED, which is a tiny LED that’s designed to light up when you get an iOS notification.

The product will blink red when you receive calls, emails, Facebook notifications, Tweets, and Skype messages. It works by plugging directly into your headphone jack and they’ve included a little clamp to hold the LED when you’re not using it.

The little LED and the app needed to run it will cost $10 for early birds and they’re looking for $18,000 in funding.

Obviously this kind of takes up your headphone jack but it seems like a good idea if you’re not into having your camera flash twinkle when you get a call. Much like the Blink(1), this product reduces notifications to its barest element, which is useful and important, even if it might have pissed off Jobs.

Created by Federico Nitidi, Sean Lewin, and Ralph Wilson, the project came about when the team “became passionate about solving the lack of convenient notifications on iOS.” The project is currently in beta but they should ship in April.