Amazon Web Services Announces Redshift, New Data Warehouse Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Redshift, a new petabyte-scale data warehouse service intended to disrupt the old-guard data warehouse providers. Senior Vice President for AWS Andy Jassy made the announcement on stage at AWS re:Invent, the cloud group’s first annual conference here in Las Vegas.

Amazon claims that Redshift will increase the speed of query performance when analyzing any size data set, using the same SQL-based business intelligence tools they use today.

Amazon Redshift includes technology components licensed from ParAccel and is available with two underlying node types, including either 2 terabytes or 16 terabytes of compressed customer data per node. Customers can start with a few hundred gigabytes and scale to a petabyte or more.

Redshift pricing will start at 85 cents per hour. The service is available on-demand or as reserved instances. A three-year reserved instance is less than 23 cents per hour. In comparison, Jassy said a traditional data warehouse solution will cost $19,000 to $25,000 per terabyte.With Redshift the cost is $1,000 per terabyte per year.

Business intelligence providers that will partner with AWS include MicroStrategies, Jaspersoft and Cognos.