A DIY Raspberry Pi Hack Lets You Build The Smallest Gaming Cabinet In The World

A hacker called [Sprite_tm] AKA Jeroen Domburg built his own teeny, tiny Raspberry Pi-based MAME cabinet using some laser-cut plexiglass, some custom controls, and a eeny, weenie 2.4-inch TFT display. The best part? The cabinet even has a small OLED marquee at the top that shows the current game in play.

The instructions are pretty hardcore and involves tweaking jumpers in order to make the TFT talk to the Rasberry Pi’s onboard graphics chip. While he could have just run a fat HDMI cable out of the thing, it’s impressive that he went out of his way to reduce nearly everything to microscopic size.

You can download the instructions and source code here and build your own MAME cabinet in the comfort of your home electronics lair.

[Sprite] is a serious maker and that means he built this just because he could. “So now, I’m going to totally play old-school games for hours on end… on a tiny 2.4″ display… while I have something more powerful in my back pocket…” he wrote. “Wait, why did I build this again?”

via Hackaday