Amazon’s Kindle Family: Weekend Sales More Than Double On Last Year, Cyber Monday Biggest Of All

Amazon has released some detail on Kindle sales over Thanksgiving Weekend: as usual, it’s giving no hard numbers but instead providing general buying trends. It says that Kindle device sales more than doubled worldwide, and with discounts running on the Kindle Fire Tablet, Monday was the biggest sales day of all, and overall the whole weekend set a record for the company.

It’s a frustrating release, to be honest, because while on the one hand it appears to point to obvious popularity for the Kindle devices — and how effective the combined machine of online marketplace+products can be — it doesn’t give enough clarity on how something like the Kindle Fire is performing. However, separately analysts have noted that the Kindle has proven to be one of the most popular of all Android-based tablets on the market.

As I mentioned yesterday when noting Amazon’s UK sales figures — in which Kindle family sales tripled on Black Friday — it sometimes feels like Amazon spins them to help promote particular items, such as the Fire tablet, rather than giving a frank picture of what is actually proving to be popular, and by how much.

Still, here are some more of the details. Make of them what you will. These are global figures, so covering sales across,,,,,,,, and

  • As in previous years, the Kindle family has taken the top slots in Amazon’s best sellers list, it says, and taking into account Kindle products, including accessories, e-books and other digital content, the range takes up nine out of the top 10 best-selling products worldwide since September 6.
  • Amazon does not spell out what ranked as the most popular device sold. It notes that aggregating both items sold and items “wanted”,¬†Kindle Fire HD is the most gifted and most requested product on Amazon worldwide since launch.
  • “Kindle e-readers and Kindle Fires have held the top 4 spots on the Amazon worldwide best sellers list since launch, and that was before the busiest shopping weekend of the year,” said Dave Limp, Vice President, Amazon Kindle, in a statement.