Mobile Ad Network InMobi Announces Free ‘Lifetime Value Platform’ To Help Developers Deliver Targeted Content

Thanks in part to some recent acquisitions, InMobi has been expanding its services for mobile developers. Its latest feature is something called the Lifetime Value Platform, which will help developers divide their audience into different segments and customize the experience accordingly. In InMobi’s words, it’s going to be “democratizing the understanding of user behavior.”

As for how the LTVP compares to the many other mobile app analytics and messaging services (for example, not only does Urban Airship offer messaging infrastructure, it also announced audience segmentation earlier this year), an InMobi spokesperson argued, “Unlike other products in the market which just stop at providing analytics, this platform enables developers to understand their users and deliver targeted actions in real time, without having to resubmit the app to the App Store.”

InMobi said LTVP features fall into three broad categories. First, there’s insights, which includes data such as usage, engagement, in-app revenue, and more. Then there’s segmentation, where you can divide users based on behavior such as monetary value of purchases and time spent in app. Finally, there’s actions, where developers can provide different content (such as virtual goods, ads, rewards, and cross-app promotion) to different segments.

As the product name implies, this is supposed to help developers get more “value” from their users, whether it’s convincing free users to pay or offering special deals for the big spenders. Another big selling point: The LTVP is free to use, presumably in the hope that developers who sign up will also take advantage of InMobi’s ad offerings, too.

The service is currently in private beta for iOS and Android, with promises that a Windows 8 version is coming. You can read more here.