Samsung Galaxy Note II ‘Phablet’ Passes Five Million Channel Sales In ~Two Months

At the start of this month Samsung announced that channel sales of its mini-tablet-sized smartphone, the Galaxy Note II, had passed three million unit sales in 37 days on sale. Now the Korean mobile maker has announced that cumulative global channel sales of the device have exceeded five million after around two months since launch.

Samsung does not typically break out device sales to consumers but its channel sales measure provides an indication of how much end-user demand its sales channels are experiencing.

The Note II channel sales announcement was made in a Korean press release put out by Samsung — h/t to TNW for spotting. Samsung’s release suggests sales of the Note II are evenly spread across all regions where it’s on sale  including Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.

The original Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II are larger than a typical smartphone, but smaller than a mini tablet — leading to the term ‘phablet’ to be coined to describe this phone-cum-tablet category.

Five million channel sales in around two months is an impressive figure for a device that, by merit of being so large, is a relatively acquired taste compared to more average sized smartphones. For context, Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, sold more than five million units in its first three days of sale. Apple’s figure refers to sales to end users, rather than channel shipments.