Kickstarter: Spark Will Let You Control Your Lamps With Your Pebble Watch

The creators of Spark, a Wi-Fi-controlled lighting system, has announced that their product will be compatible with the Pebble smart watch, which means you’ll be able to turn your lights on and off from your wrist like a deranged, light-obsessed Dick Tracy.

The details are a little fuzzy – the video below doesn’t show the project in action – but it seems that you’ll just connect to the light and press a button to rock it out.

The Pebble raised $10 million on Kickstarter not long ago and we recently announced their funding round topping out at $71,000 out of $250,000 with 17 days to go.

The project also announced a refer a friend offer that gets you one free Spark for every three referrals you send to the site.