Jukeboxsms Is A Jukebox In The Cloud Aimed At Bar, Restaurant & Club Owners

Jukeboxsms is a cloud-powered “virtual jukebox” aimed at bar, restaurant, and club owners — an online/PC replacement for those giant hardware jukeboxes of yesteryear. The music streaming element comes courtesy of cloud-music locker service, Audiobox.fm, while customers wishing to buy song credits can order and pay by SMS. Alternatively, there’s support for Paypal, or venue-owners can issue credits in person.

The hardware side of the setup requires an Internet-connected PC — everything runs through a web browser — and a monitor or flatscreen TV (and a decent pair of speakers!). In fact, Jukeboxsms is optimised for HD TVs — and along with the actual jukebox functionality, the system is designed to double up as ‘signage’, with support for in-venue advertising.

On the software side, venues must upload their music to Audiobox.fm, which requires a separate account, and then link this to their Jukeboxsms account. Customers of the bar, restaurant or club (or any venue/event that is using the service) can then view and order songs on the virtual jukebox via a mobile web page or the in-house signage displayed on the PC monitor/TV using SMS (70 countries are supported through various publicly available SMS gateways). In addition, PayPal is supported, which is handy where SMS payment gateways are lacking.

And in a feature that should be available as of today, venues can bypass the need for customers to pay at all or charge them in-person, with newly-added support for “code requests” — enabling the jukebox owner to generate codes that are valid for a certain numbers of songs.

Jukeboxsms is founded by Peder Wahlberg and Gustav Evertsson, and is self-funded. The service requires a monthly paid-for subscription or is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, which is of course how the startup plans to make money.