Gift Guide: Mophie Outride Action Camera Case For iPhone 4/4S

Short Version

Mophie is best known for doubling your iPhone’s battery life with the Mophie juice pack, but the company actually offers a wide range of iPhone accessories including the Outride Wide-Angle Lens iPhone case and mount kit.

Anyone who’s been interested in action cameras like the GoPro and Looxcie should be especially interested to get almost the exact same functionality out of their phone with this simple accessory pack.

Long Version


  • Waterproof, shock-proof case
  • Surf, Bike, Car, and other mounts included
  • Integrated wide-angle lens
  • Comes with Outride app (not yet released) for easy sharing


  • Available in Black and Red or White and Silver
  • For iPhone 4/4S, not iPhone 5
  • Price: $149.95 (App is free)
  • Available: December 4
  • Product Page

The Outride is…

… where iPhone accessories and action cameras intersect. Rather than have you buy an entirely new camera, fortified for action sports with mounts and waterproof casing, the Outride lets you simply use your iPhone camera by slapping it in a mountable water-proof, shock-proof case. The wide-angle lens provides great footage of skateboarding, biking, etc., and the mount kits let you secure this thing to almost anything in your life. There’s also an Outride app that lets users share videos based on categories like Bike, Motorsports, Sky, Skate, etc.

Buy the Outride for…

… the explorer in your life. Anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, extreme sports, or even just a good bike ride should get a kick out of the Outride case. Unfortunately, the Outride camera case is only available for iPhone 4/4S, so don’t make the silly mistake of buying this for a new iPhone 5 owner. It won’t go over that well.


… anyone who enjoys an adventure wants hard and fast proof of their bravery. That’s why GoPro cameras have become so popular. Not only does the Outride let extremists record proof of their exploits, but it lets them do this on their phone in a safe way, making sharing with friends super easy.