Gift Guide: Krups EA82 Automatic Coffee/Espresso Maker

Short Version

People like coffee. People like coffeemakers. People like coffeemakers that make great coffee. That’s why you should look into the EA82, Krups’ fanciest coffee maker, an all-automatic espresso and long coffee maker that makes a nearly perfect cup with your own beans nearly every time. It’s probably one of the best home, push-button coffee makers I’ve ever used.

Long Version


  • Automatic espresso and coffee settings
  • Uses any unground beans
  • Built-in milk frother
  • Removable coffee grounds tray
  • Comes in red and black


  • MSRP: $1,200 ($740 on Amazon)
  • Available: Now
  • Retailers:

The EA82 is…

… a simple coffee maker that grinds, brews, and blows out a good cup of coffee or espresso in a few minutes. You can set the amount of java coming out with a simple turn of the dial and it includes a self-cleaning function that keeps it going. A two year warranty ensures your maker won’t die in battle.

Buy the EA82 for…

… lazy coffee snobs who are tired of the limited offerings available via traditional “pod” machines and may want something a bit more interesting than an aeropress or similar coffee accouterments. Making a cup of Joe is as easy as selecting a brew – espresso, strong espresso, coffee, or long coffee – and pressing a button. You get up to 240 ml of coffee out of this machine with one button-press.

The coffee is very consistent with a nice head of crema (although it might not be as thick as some less robotic machines) and you can change flavors as easily as swapping out the beans you use for your brew. A self-cleaning function keeps it running smoothly and the milk frother makes a nice latte or cappuccino.

Arguably this is an expensive gift to give someone just to make a little coffee. I particularly liked this device because it was so easy – just pour in some beans, add some water, and press a button. If you’re buying for a real coffee snob, I’d confirm this is exactly what they were looking for. However, if you want a quick and easy and consistent cuppa, this is for you.


… coffee fans can be very specific about their brews and consistency is important. You’re going to want to check with the intended recipient if they really want to go this route but as a lad who can’t stand lots of pods and coffee shop coffee of late, I was pleasantly surprised by the Krups.