Gift Guide: Sifteo Interactive Gaming Cubes

Short Version

What do you get the person who already has everything? Sifteo Cubes might be the answer. These innovative little gaming devices work together to create interactive gaming experiences with very tactile, imaginative elements you just can’t get on a standard mobile device.

Long Version


  • Modal design, additional cubes lead to different gaming experiences
  • Computer-free design
  • Blends traditional tabletop gaming with mobile computing


  • Touch sensitive screen
  • 128 x 128 pixel TFT LCD displays (per cube)
  • Available: Ships in 7 business days
  • MSRP: $129.95 for the starter set with 3 cubes and base, $29.95 for each additional cube
  • Product page

Sifteo Cubes Are…

… totally unique mobile gaming gadgets, made up of individual squares each with their own LED display, that communicate with each other and a controller base to build changing game boards, world maps and more. This generation of Sifteo Cubes is an upgrade from last year’s model, bringing improved graphics and computer independent play. The cubes now work with a very portable base, meaning you can take these on car trips to keep the kids occupied, or wherever you want to go.

Buy Sifteo Cubes For…

… the playfully experimental people in your lives. Because they offer a wide range of content, Sifteo Cubes are actually suitable for a broad audience. If you want to get your kids playing with something a little more exploratory, challenging and engaging than your average iPad app, Sifteo Cubes fit the bill. And if you’re an adult who grew up loving tabletop gaming and want something that builds on that experience with unique digital elements, these are a good option, too.


… while mobile gaming continues to be an innovative space on platforms like smartphones and tablets, Sifteo is trying something completely different. The titles that are currently available all offer a slightly different take on the modular mechanics, and there’s bound to be many more on the way from talented developers. Plus, adding relatively inexpensive additional cubes to the three that ship in the starter set also adds more depth to game play. Basically  Sifteo Cubes are never boring, and in a world of uninspired Call of Duty sequels, that’s reason enough to gift these things.