A Glimpse Of The Apocalypse: Walmart Customers Fight Over Phones On Black Friday

On Black Friday, discounted boxed smartphones seem to be the equivalent of dry foods in a post-apocalyptic movie.

This video, first spotted by the Telegraph, shows customers of a Walmart in Moultrie, Georgia, duking it out over discounted pay-as-you-go smartphones.

Walmart has announced that the big box retailer has completed a total of 10 million transactions between the hours of 8pm and midnight on Thursday, with electronics topping the list of best sellers, according to PhoneArena.

As you may already know, Black Friday was pushed up to Thursday evening this year.

Smartphones are becoming more and more crucial in today’s world. Not only do they keep us connected to our social networks, calendars, email, etc., but they are an external display of who we are. However, I’m not sure a cell phone is worth the scratching, pulling, yanking, shoving and down-right snatching that is apparent in this video.

The good news is that Cyber Monday should see similar sales with far less physical violence.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

[Image credit: AP]