YouTube App Comes To The Wii U, Viewable On GamePad Or TV

The Wii U’s GamePad is essentially the console’s secret weapon, so it’s good to see YouTube arrive on Nintendo’s latest hardware with built-in support for its tablet-style controller. The Wii U version of YouTube is available now, following hot on the heels of the long-awaited version for the Wii, and it allows you to both browse and playback videos on your GamePad as well as on the TV.

This is a pretty timely addition for the service addition, which also follows the introduction of Amazon’s Instant Video app for the Wii U. There may be more than one family huddled around a TV as Thanksgiving rolls on across the U.S., and everyone agreeing on one thing to watch isn’t likely. But with at least one family member free to watch YouTube or other content on their GamePad without monopolizing the TV… well, the commercial writes itself. You can have that idea for free, Nintendo.