Gift Guide: The QOOQ Tablet

Short Version

Tablets and kitchens don’t mix, but the QOOQ tablet blends these two differing flavors together into a delicious treat for whomever’s lucky enough to own one. With a heat and humidity-resistant design, waterproof build, and an OS built specifically for the chef in all of us, the QOOQ was most certainly built for the kitchen, and it stands up to that promise.

Long Version


  • A Linux-based, custom, recipe-packed OS
  • 10.1-inch TFT LCD
  • Battery designed to be fully user-replaceable
  • ARM Cortex A9 Dual-core 1GHz processor
  • 8GB of memory plus SD
  • Wifi


  • Comes with a kickstand, ruggedized design, and over 1000 chefs recipes
  • Price: $399
  • Available: Now
  • Product Page

The QOOQ tablet is…

… a tablet built for the kitchen. Though calling it a tablet is a bit of a stretch. You can browse the web, conduct email, listen to music, and do the whole social networking thing, but not with the same ease and grace you may be accustomed to on an iPad. No, the QOOQ is for the kitchen. But in the kitchen, the QOOQ offers almost anything you could ask for. The kickstand props it up nicely to browse through recipes or search for ingredients, and with an Epicurious like menu you can whip up almost anything with the help of the QOOQ.

Buy the QOOQ tablet for…

… anyone who spends a long time in the kitchen, but isn’t all that fond of technology. The QOOQ tablet isn’t a one-stop shop for your digital needs. People who enjoy browsing, networking, reading or watching movies on their device should steer clear. But if you’ve noticed one of your parents or grandparents using the computer for recipe ideas, printing out meal plans, and using those in the kitchen, the QOOQ may be in order as a gift.


… the QOOQ brings digital into the kitchen in a comfortable way. You never need to worry about doing a search with flour on your fingertips or splashing a little water on the thing. It’s just as tough as your cookware.