FishBrain Wins The Slush Conference Startup Competition In Helsinki

FishBrain won the startup competition at Slush in Helsinki this week. The startup is a social network that lets sport fishing enthusiasts share their fishing experiences with friends using web and mobile apps. By adding their fishing trips and catches into the network, members can work out, for instance, what is the most effective bait to use in their favourite lake or what time of day would give them the best chance to hook that dream catch. Alas, the app is only available in Swedish right now, but I daresay an English version will be out soon.

The app probably appeals to fishing enthusiasts in the same way Golf apps appeal to golfers. These guys are stats nuts. The other startups that got though to the final of the startup competition include:

Health Puzzle
Their pitch: “Health Puzzle is an interactive health application platform that offers personalized, mobile healthcare services based on an individual’s genetic composition, environmental factors and medical history.”

Their Pitch: “Catchbox is a soft wireless microphone that you can throw into audiences to kickstart a discussion. Turn large Q&A into seamless discussion and give smaller group meetings a structure. It’s fast, simple and effective.”

Their pitch: “With the modern dog spending most of their lives in an apartment, this is about taking a holistic approach to your dog’s health.”