Mayor Cory Booker Accepts Twitter Challenge To Live Off Of Food Stamps

Part-time superhero, video platform entrepreneur, and Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker┬áhas entered into a bet to live off of food stamps. The bet was made entirely over Twitter after a heated debate over the role of government in helping the nation’s poor.

After his challenger agreed, Booker notified his fans that he will start living off of food stamps sometime after Thanksgiving.

With this bet, Mayor Booker raises the bar, even higher, on what it means to be an executive in the age of social media. He’s already been made famous for shoveling constituents’ driveways in a blizzard in response to a tweet; then he launched a new video curation service #waywire (at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference). Now he’s making headlines for agreeing to live by the principals that so many other politicians only give lip service to.

It probably also helps his technology street cred that he’s a bona fide science-fiction geek.

Details of the challenge are still pending.