Lowe’s Selling First-Gen Nest Thermostat For $198

ER MAH GERD BLERCK FRERDER! We’ve been avoiding Black Friday deals thus far because a) it’s free advertising for retailers and b) you’ll have to shoot me with adrenaline and a Taser to get me out of bed before 9 a.m. on Friday morning. That said, I’m more than happy to give a shot out to Nest. The Nest first-generation (everyone’s favorite smart thermostat that makes your wall look like the set of Star Trek) is $198 at Lowe’s this week, down $30 from the original price.

The deal is available from Thursday to Monday, so you have a few days to pick one up. The first-generation unit is the same as the second-gen except that it’s a bit thicker and tends to work with more home heating and cooling systems. We’ve been using ours for most of the year now and it’s a real lifesaver on cold nights when you want to heat the house before getting home.

You can check out the deal here and, while a thermostat is rarely a romantic holiday gift, I suspect it will be much more appreciated than a bottle of perfume or a tie.