LoveThis Comes Out Of Beta With A Recommendations App Aimed At Non-Geeks

In the world of social recommendations we’ve seen the appearance of startups like Amen, CircleMe and Stamped, which was bought by Yahoo. However, one does sometimes wonder whether these products are all still a little, well, geeky. Are they missing out on mainstream users? Maybe. We covered the beta launch of LoveThis back in May. However, the app has now come out in its full-blown version on iOS as a place to “save and share recommendations you love.”

Certainly looking at the app, you get the feeling this is quite a mainstream design and is a lot cleaner and simpler than the previous design where you can build a personal collection of recommendations, browse friends’ recommendations and ‘collect’ recommendations that you’d like to remember or try out.

Unlike apps like Amen or Foursquare which rely on people using the app to tag things, LoveThis pulls in recommendations from Facebook and email, so people do not have to be signed up to LoveThis. That is a lot more ‘mainstream’.

Gi Fernando, angel investor in LoveThis, says other companies are focusing on creating a new social network for people and their recommendations “whereas LoveThis is more pragmatic.” That may be the case, but we’ve seen this kind of app many times before. And Everplaces looks like it may be onto something with its location-based approach.

So it’ll be interesting to see what traction LoveThis can get.