Kickstarter: This Rubber Band Shotgun Is The Mother Of All Rubber Band Shotguns

Imagine it’s Thanksgiving morning and you’re with the family. You creep down the stairs, Sheriff in hand, and sneak in on dear old dad as he makes bacon pancakes. You set your weapon on “shotgun” and pull the trigger. A volley of hot rubber whangs him in the legs, his old frame buckling as he takes the shot. Another kill. All this can be yours with the Bandit, an automatic rubber band gun built for speed and (mild) pain infliction. The project, created by Bob Coulston, is a DIY, easy-to-assemble rubber band gun that can fire single bands, multiple bands in rapid succession, or all the bands at once, creating a hellstorm of flying bands.

The Outlaw model supports only single shots at a time while the Sheriff can be put into shotgun mode. The kit comes with all the laser-cut parts you need to assemble the gun and it’s held together with a few bolts.

Coulston describes the genesis of the gun thusly:

The idea of Bandit Guns was created when my three children Kelsey, Macy, and Bobby (now 14, 11, and 9 years old) came down in the wood shop while I was building a set of cabinets for a client. Excited, they asked me if I could help them make a rubber band gun. Remembering all the fun I had with my rubber band gun that my father made for me, I cut out three blocks of wood that somewhat looked like a gun and nailed a clothespin to the top with a notch on the front of the barrel for the rubber band to hook into. I showed them how to load it and fire at a piece of wood sitting at the end of the workbench. Bobby said,”Single shot, Dad? Boring, I want to make my own rubber band gun!” He knows he can’t use the power tools so that got me to thinking about how I could create a kit that he could assemble and would make him feel as if he made it himself but, still cool enough that his friends would want one too. That was the beginning, after the first model having over 50 parts and not even working. Approximately 100 versions later the Bandit Gun was created with what you see today. Being a kid at heart, I probably use the Bandit Gun more than they do.

He is way over his goal of $5,000 and there are only 16 more days to pledge. I’d personally recommend buying the $300 package that gets you 10 Sheriff guns so you and your extended family can spend the next year giving each other (mild) welts as you go about your daily business.