Video Q&A Site VYou Adds Twitter Mentions To Let Users Respond To Tweets Via Video

Ever want to respond to a tweet but decide that 140 characters just wasn’t enough? That you wanted to respond with your voice? Or your face? Well now you can. No longer will Twitter users be constrained to text when taking down trolls or rattling off effusive praise to their followers, or simply just answering questions that might require more than 140 characters, thanks to VYou.

VYou has built a community around question-and-answer type interactions via video, both on the web and through mobile apps. Now it’s looking to expand slightly beyond that, by enabling its users to see and respond to questions on Twitter, as well as those posed on VYou itself. The new feature allows Twitter users to see either their entire Twitter stream, or just their mentions, and record video responses to them. Those video replies are then posted both on VYou, and tweeted out to their Twitter followers.

VYou is using the feature as a way to help drive engagement and get more people viewing videos on the site. Interestingly enough, VYou users are bigger Twitter users than Facebook users, according to CEO Steve Spurgat. But VYou has also been growing pretty quickly recently. He says that in the months between August and November, all of its important site metrics have doubled, including the number of people who visit the site, watch videos, and sign up for the service as a result.

Since being founded in late 2010, New York City-based VYou has raised $3 million in funding and now has 11 employees in total. Investors include RRE Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, High Peaks Ventures, Broadway Video Ventures, Kevin Wall, David Tisch, and Rick Webb.