ORA Ultimate Sound: For The iPad Owner Who Can’t Live Without 8 Speakers Built Into Their Case

We’ve seen designers and casemakers attempt to bring better sound quality to the iPad — the Zooka wireless speaker bar comes to mind, as does the Sound Cover case. But we have yet to hear about a company adding eight speakers to the iPad in the form of an extending case.

Until now. Meet the ORA Ultimate Sound System for iPad.

The ORA speaker case is said to deliver more than five times the volume of the iPad, without distorting the sound or clarity, according to the founders. It even comes packed with a digital signal processor, dynamic range control, and a parametric equalizer that adjusts the speakers for optimized volume depending on the circumstances.

It’ll stay juiced just as long as your iPad, with an integrated rechargeable battery, though the ORA is only compatible with the iPad 2 and new iPad, with standard 30-pin connector support. In terms of improving sound on the iPad, this should do the trick.

On the other hand, the ORA seems to add quite a bit of bulk to the tablet. The speaker case wraps around the edge of the iPad and adds another inch or so, making it about the size of an extra-wide Surface tablet.

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Being a slightly rugged iPad case, the ORA also doesn’t do much in the way of aesthetics. And getting the iPad in and out of the case doesn’t seem all that simple, with screws or locks on the back that secure the tablet in place.

In other words, you better love the ORA case as much as you love your iPad, because taking it on and off will get old really quickly.

ORA has just launched on Kickstarter with a starting pledge of $99, so if you’re looking to add real sound to the iPad, head on over to the Kickstarter page and check it out.