Gift Guide: HyperJuice 2 External Battery For Mac, iPad And Mobile Devices

Short Version

Do you like power? It’s very useful for using all those electronic devices we have. But often, those devices have less power than we’d like them to, especially when we’re traveling or fighting for socket space at a coffee shop or conference. The HyperJuice 2 can provide that power, and lots of it, enough to double the life of a new Retina MacBook Pro, and extend considerably longer the life of other, less power-hungry Macs.

Long Version


  • Two 10-watt USB ports for high-speed iPad charging (also works with basically any other device)
  • OLED display for charge/discharge and battery level info
  • Battery designed to be fully user-replaceable


  • 100Wh battery (compared to 50Wh on 13-inch MacBook Air, 95Wh on 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro)
  • Price: $299.95
  • Available: Now (ships in 2 weeks)
  • Product page

The HyperJuice 2 is…

… like your standard external power reserves and battery banks, but on steroids because it’s designed to extend the battery life of your Mac laptop a significant, non-trivial amount. And it manages that, boosting my Retina MacBook’s battery life to around double, and providing quick access to plenty of juice for both iPhones and iPads. Since this is the sequel, you get two USB ports instead of one for simultaneous gadget charging.

Buy the HyperJuice 2 for…

… people who always complain about their battery dying, on any device they have. But make sure they’re at least somewhat technically proficient and willing to get their hands dirty: Apple nixed the MagSafe adapter that used to ship with the HyperJuice, so this one requires surgery if you want it to charge (and not just power) your MacBook’s battery. The kit for converting your MagSafe (not MagSafe 2, mind you, those aren’t compatible) adapter to work with HyperJuice 2 costs $49.95, but it does come with some solid wire strippers that are an awesome addition to any gadget lover’s tool kit.


… if you have ever run out of juice at a crucial moment and had no way to get the power back on, you already know this is the greatest gift you could ever receive. Definitely not for everyone at $300, but power is a wonderful, wonderful thing that you can’t put a price tag on in some lines of work.