MakingView Brings 360-Degree Video Full-Circle With The Mountable ViewCam Camera

Welcome to the future of 360-degree video.

MakingView, a company out of Norway, has created a camera called the ViewCam, an ultra lightweight camera that can be mounted almost anywhere and take full 360-degree video.

Unlike the Dot or GoPro, however, consumers can’t purchase the ViewCam, as it’s only available as proprietary technology, licensed out to companies like RedBull. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool, or that we won’t see it (or something like it) on consumer shelves in the coming years.

The potential uses for this technology are bountiful. Just imagine taking a tour of the Egyptian pyramids or the Grand Canyon from the comfort of your computer. Tour Guides for major attractions could strap one of these things on without even noticing it’s there and go about their daily business.

The ViewCam is remote-controlled, with a 2.4GHz processor, has 160 to 224GB of internal memory and takes 4K x 2K equirectangular video at 25 – 50 fps.

Viewers can pan around with their keyboard or mouse to see the sky, backwards, forwards, left and right, and even look down at whatever the camera is mounted on.

In the case below, that would be a RedBull biker flying down a hill.

Since the ViewCam only weighs around 600 grams, it can be mounted on a helmet without affecting the biker, driver, runner, spelunker or what have you.

If your company is interested in licensing the technology, you must contact Making View for a quote.

Chances are it costs a pretty penny, as only RedBull goes to such extremes for marketing.

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