The Kive Company Raises $500K To Help Parents Save Their Kids’ Art

The Kive Company, the startup behind the mobile art app ArtKive, says it has raised $500,000 in seed funding.

The ArtKive iPhone app allows you to take photos of your kids’ art, then tag it with their name, grade, date, and title. You can share the art with other ArtKive users, and eventually the company says you should be able to turn the photos into a printed book.

So instead of feeling obligated to cover your refrigerator with every piece of art that your children create, hiding the art away in boxes, or losing things that have sentimental value, you can save and share the art digitally. And if you want something to browse through and get misty-eyed about in the future, the physical album could be both easier to store and offer glossier presentation than the original art.

Since the app launched 10 weeks ago, ArtKive’s users have uploaded 250,000 pieces of art, said founder and CEO Jedd Gold. He also told me that this is just the first of the company’s apps, and that the team will be “developing technology solutions that make parents’ lives easier.”

The funding comes from Los Angeles-based startup accelerator Amplify, which The Kive Company has joined, and from various angel investors.

You can download the app here. The company said it’s currently working on an Android version.