iPad Self-Publishing App Tactilize Raises $1 Million

Tactilize, an iPad self-publishing service that aims to make it easy for regular users to create beautiful apps for Apple’s tablet, just announced that it has raised a $1 million funding round. The team is also currently working to raise an additional $280,000, which it plans to finalize in the coming days. As it’s still finalizing its round, the company isn’t disclosing much about its funders besides saying that they hail from Switzerland and the Middle East, and that one of them is the founder of a tech company himself. The Tactilize team also told us that the funds are all specialized tech funds.

Because of this ongoing funding round, Tactilize also isn’t ready to disclose what it plans to do with the additional money in its bank, but a company spokesperson told us that Tactilize will make several announcements before Christmas.

The service launched its open beta while attending TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco last month and currently has about 3,000 users.

Here is what Tactilize CEO Nicolas Voisin had to say about the funding: “We are delighted with the positive response to Tactilize, both from our users and investors. A $1 million investment round completed within just a few weeks of our launch supports our belief that Tactilize is an industry changing ‘disrupter.’ We’ll be finalizing additional funding in the upcoming days to bring our total raised to $1.28 million, which will help us in our mission to revolutionize the way people produce and distribute content for the iPad.”

It’s important to note that while Tactilize’s early experience was in building custom apps for individual clients, the service now focuses more on the “content network” aspect of its offerings. Users create their apps through a web interface and then publish them to the Tactilize app. You can find more details about the service in our review from earlier this year.