Startup Wise Guys Alumni, VitalFields, Raises €250K For Its Agricultural Early Warning System

VitalFields, the Estonian startup that wants to help farmers make better use of data and act as a warning system for disease and pest issues, has raised a €250,000 (approx. $318k) seed round led by SmartCap, the venture capital arm of the Estonian Development Fund, in addition to participation from two Estonian early stage investors, Arvi Tavasti valduse, and Wiser Financial Advisors.

A graduate of the accelerator, Startup Wise Guys, VitalFields offers farmers precise weather data for their fields, along with focusing on things like disease forecasting, and providing tools to make it less labour-intensive for farmers to log more data from which the system can then provide those forecasts and conduct a “farm efficiency analysis”. This is potentially quite a big deal, since farmers, perhaps unsurprisingly, don’t always have access to or make great use of data, instead relying on less scientific practices.

“We  are  currently  building  global  pest  and  disease  warning  models.  If  we  add HyperLocal  weather  forecasting  to  these  disease  models  we  are  able  to  warn  farmers about  plant  diseases  early  and  give  advice  on  combating  and preventing them”, says Martin Rand, CEO of VitalFields, in a statement.

It makes sense that today’s investment was led by SmartCap, the investment arm of the Estonian Development Fund managing early stage investments. In October, the fund announced that it was putting aside €1 million to co-invest in Startup Wise Guys alumni — and so it is that VitalFields has benefited from this arrangement.