Watch: All The Videos From TechCrunch’s Chicago Meetup [TCTV]

Last week was a very busy one for those of us on the Northern Meetups, TechCrunch’s three-city tour through a few of North America’s hottest (well, not literally) burgeoning tech hubs outside of the typical San Francisco/Silicon Valley/New York bubble that we in the media are too often caught up in covering.

Our team got a much-needed jolt of big city energy in Chicago, which was the site of our third and final Northern Meetup. We spent two full days in the Windy City meeting with entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. It all culminated Friday night with our official meetup event that drew some 800 techies to the Zhou B Art Center on the city’s South Side to demo apps and talk shop over a few drinks.

Our coverage from Chicago and the rest of the Northern Meetups will continue to come out over the next couple weeks (we got a lot of stuff) but for now, we’ve put all the videos from the Chicago meetup itself into the handy player above.

It starts with my walk-through of the event, in which I talk to a few pretty cool Chicagoans about what brought them out that evening. The following videos in the queue are our backstage sit-downs with particularly interesting attendees, from EveryBlock founder and Django co-creator Adrian Holovaty, to shopping app startup and others.

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