With Pepper Spray iPhone Case, You Can Defend Yourself And Wear Tight Jeans

I love my iPhone. I also love tight jeans, not needing a wallet, and being able to fend off a gang of attackers with chemical weapons. Thanks to a new iPhone case with a sleek compartment for pepper spray, I can walk securely down dark alleys in style. Users snap a pepper spray canister to the back of the iPhone case, release a safety clip, hold the phone horizontally, and press a button on the side of the phone — just like taking a picture.

The Spraytech is available for the iPhone 4 models, costs $40 and, (of course) is available in pastel pink and blue. The case also includes a tester cartridge of habanero pepper spray so that users can prepare to use the device without releasing chemicals weapons into the air. Replacement cartridges go for $18, but most importantly, can be matched to the color of the case.