Flurry Signs 1,000 App Publishers To AppSpot Mobile Ad Targeting Platform In ~Three Weeks, Average eCPM Of $5.80 For First 500 Apps

App measurement and ad company Flurry has revealed significant traction for its iOS and Android app advertising and targeting platform, AppSpot. The platform was made publicly available just over three weeks ago and has attracted more than 1,000 app publishers to sign up, according to the company.

Flurry described revenue performance of the first 500 applications already live as “very strong”, with an average eCPM of $5.80 across interstitial, video and banner ad formats.

Here’s how Flurry describes AppSpot

Flurry AppSpot generates more advertising revenue for your app. Leveraging the world’s largest app data set on consumer usage — collected from more than 700 million mobile smartphones and tablets per month through Flurry Analytics — AppSpot serves highly targeted ads that result in more clicks, conversions and revenue.

For those with smaller app audiences, AppSpot fills your app with high-performing ads from Flurry AppCircle, Flurry’s audience-data powered ad network. As your app audience grows, AppSpot seamlessly scales to manage multiple ad networks, cross-promote apps and much more. Best of all, ad serving and network mediation is free of charge, at any volume. Get ready to earn revenue in just 10 minutes with our easy, streamlined set-up.

Powering AppSpot is Flurry Analytics data from more than 250,000 applications across more than 700 million devices. Flurry says its analytics data allows app publishers to segment their audience and sell “higher-value, targeted campaigns to advertisers, including agencies, direct advertisers and advertising networks” to boost the effectiveness of in-app ad campaigns.

Flurry quotes two happy AppSpot customers: app developers StarMaker and MobilityWare. “AppSpot is delivering exceptional eCPMs for us,” said Willy Pell, Starmaker’s director of engineering, in a statement. “We also loved the incredibly responsive integration support that made all the difference for us to get up and running quickly.”

“We’re excited about using AppSpot to establish our direct sales channel,” added John Libby, president of Mobilityware, in a statement. “Numerous advertisers have approached us about running targeted campaigns to our audience, which skews female. With AppSpot, we can deliver what these advertisers want. While we initially chose AppSpot for better-performing ads, we’re blown away by how AppSpot can help us grow our business.”