Unmetric Launches SatisfactionMetrics To Track How Companies Tweet At Customers

Unmetric, a company that scores the social presence of brands, has launched a new tool called SatisfactionMetrics, which offers details about how companies handle customer service on Twitter and Facebook

One of the new modules looks at a brand’s replies to customer tweets then breaks them down into five common responses — apologies, prompting customers to send direct messages, prompting customers to call a number, asking customers to email a specific address, or direct customers to a link. Unmetric doesn’t tell you which of these strategies actually results in satisfied customers, but it’s useful to see what the competition is up to — the idea, Unmetric says, is to reveal “industry-wide norms” and best practices.

unmetric satisfactionmetrics

For example, the airline industry has to deal with unhappy customers pretty frequently. In fact, Unmetric said that the industry as a whole is exceptionally apologetic, with 10.95 percent of customer responses consisting of apologies, compared to 3.44 percent in retail and 2.18 percent in automotive. The company also found that when responding to customers, Southwest apologized 80 percent of the time, while United apologized 5 percent of the time. (Not surprising — I’ve tweeted grumpily about United a number of times, and I’ve never gotten a response.)

SatisfactionMetrics also includes Unmetric’s Average Reply Time tracker for Facebook and twitter — so a business could see whether its customer service strategy matches the industry’s, and whether it’s responding quickly enough. And there’s also a sentiment analysis module for Facebook.

Unmetric said its customers include Subway, Campbell’s, CitiBank, MRY and the Zocalo Group.