This Robotic Dragonfly Will Soon Flit Into Your Nightmares For $99

Researchers at Georgia Tech have created a robotic dragonfly that can hover, dive, and climb like a real insect. With the help of a $1,000,000 grant from the Air Force, the team has built multiple prototypes of the consumer device and is now working on an Indiegogo project to sell the basic dragonfly for $99 and an upgraded version for $179. The ultimate version will cost $399 although they expect it to cost $1,500 retail.

Founded by a team of scientists including Dr. Jayant Ratti and Emanuel Jones, the dragonfly has an SDK and can be used to map spaces, create internal visual models, and automated patrolling. It’s great for hobbyists who want to experiment with biomimetics and these little guys can camouflage themselves and look just like real dragonflies from afar.

The “elite” model is the coolest, by far. They write:

Early buyer special! The most elite Dragonfly package we have to offer. Sports our top of the line MARC-3 computer on the powerful Delta platform. Check out our MARC-3, the ultimate in Flight Controls! All basic flight essentials included with the addition of Wi-Fi and two cameras. Pick your color in order from: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, White and Silver. Includes a free T-shirt and a spare set of wings. Will retail at $1499 minimum. (Add $30 Canada and $45 for int’l shipping)

You can also get a swarm package of up to 8 dragonflies, which sounds like it could get fun/dangerous.

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