MyShoebox Tops 2.5 Million Cloud Stored Photos One Week Into Public Launch

MyShoebox, a Toronto-based startup whose launch we covered last week, has seen 1.9 million photos uploaded by its users in just one week, adding to its 600,000 stored pictures from its pre-launch beta. That’s impressive, but more important for the company’s own goals, according to co-founder Steve Cosman, is the fact that MyShoebox is managing an average of 2,600 photos per user, far above the average of competitive service like Flickr.

The ability of MyShoebox to attract such extensive volume is the fact that it takes a highly inclusive approach to photo sharing. It doesn’t just grab pictures uploaded by your mobile device, or in specific flagged folders; the app is designed to be a fire and forget solution that takes your whole library to the cloud, and holds it there securely. It also applies interesting and unique filters using EXIF data to make sure that you don’t need to be judicious in uploading, you can also apply filters to make browsing more pleasant than sifting through 3,000 photos aimlessly.

I caught up with Cosman at our TechCrunch Toronto meetup on Monday night, and you can watch him explain MyShoebox and how the approach he’s taken has got them to this impressive first week adoption in the video interview below.