NodeFly Raises $800K Seed Round For Measuring Performance Of Node.js Apps

NodeFly has raised an $800,000 Seed Round from Shasta Venture Partners and other investors to develop its service for measuring the performance of Node.js apps.

NodeFly represents the next generation of application performance management (APM). Wily Technology solutions served the IT market through the rise of the client-server apps that gave rise to the enterprise software market. Wily sold to CA and from that we saw the rise of a new generation of companies such as New Relic (now facing a lawsuit over patent infringement) and AppDynamics, which have emerged as successors but still have their roots in monitoring the performance of J2EE apps.

NodeFly executives say their service serves an entirely different class of apps that are developed on the Node.js framework.

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript framework that has become immensely popular. It’s easy to use and it scales. But like any new framework, the tools to manage it are still few in number. Performance monitoring is a case in point. New Relic is launching a service soon. But NodeFly focuses exclusively on Node.js while New Relic works across Ruby, PHP, Java, .NET and Python.

Node.js is just a different animal. NodeFly essentially creates wrappers around the callbacks to see if the app is performing correctly.

It’s still early times for Node.js but the enterprise market has started to show interest. Microsoft is a huge proponent, and companies like Walmart have adopted it.

NodeFly faces some deep competition but its focus is right. Node.js is here to stay. Developers need better tools to do their work. NodeFly fits the bill.