Watch The iPad Mini And Nexus 7 Face Off In A Drop Test

The folks over at Android Authority have put together a cute little drop test for the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7, and you may be surprised at which tablet walks away victorious.

The first drop was on the side, second on the back, and last on the front. Unfortunately, the drops are pretty random as the dropper has no control over which side the tablet lands on. In any case, the iPad Mini survived its first drop where the Nexus 7 did not, though both remained usable.

On the second drop, the iPad Mini had a pretty severe screen fracture but continued working. The Nexus 7 suffered further damage but could not keep on keepin’ on, as the screen became unresponsive.

And even after another drop, the iPad Mini kept on trekkin.

I usually think of Apple products as more dainty or delicate than other products, but it’s clear that Apple’s working to change that perception. The new iPhone may scratch easily, but it’s also much more durable thanks to that anodized aluminium. The same seems to be true of the iPad Mini and its back cover.