Post-Seesmic Buy, Hootsuite Passes Five Million Dashboard Signups; Says Expansion Into Europe, Asia Powering Its Growth

A user milestone for social media management tool Hootsuite: the company has passed five million signups for its dashboard. It says expansion into Europe and Asia is driving its growth, and notes that while its first million users took it nearly two years, it clocked its fourth million in eight months and its fifth million in just two months. (It’s not clear how many of the five million users are paying customers, however.)

Hootsuite added that 1.3 billion messages have been sent using its software to date.

Writing in blog post to announce the milestone, Hootsuite also notes that 79 of the Fortune 100 now use its dashboard for social media management. The company was founded back in 2008 — and recently acquired rival Seesmic (for its users). NB: Seesmic user numbers are only included in the five million figure if they have signed up for Hootsuite’s dashboard.

To help bolster international use, Hootsuite says it has translated its tools into 20 languages and also offers regional apps in select markets.