Latest Rovio Angry Birds Star Wars Trailers Show Playable R2-D2 and C-3PO “Birds”


Rovio just released a new gameplay trailer of the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars mashup. As shown in the first trailer, the playable characters each feature unique abilities. R2-D2 has a tractor beam and C-3PO falls apart — just like the Star Wars brand is falling apart!

But there’s a new hope. There’s a chance that Disney can strike back with the return of smart branding. If nothing else, Disney protects its property and doesn’t license it out willy-nilly. Under Lucas’ control, Star Wars became the poster child of poor licensing, which diluted the brand and ruined countless memories. I’m surprised there weren’t Taco Bells or Mountain Dew vending machines scattered throughout the prequels.

The Star Wars Angry Birds game could be the best mobile game in history. It looks really fun. It seems Rovio did a fine job incorporating the Star Wars theme into an Angry Birds game that features gameplay from the original and space titles. But I still won’t download it. Cause I’m a hater.