Photo Sharing App Batch Finally Closing Its Doors Since Team Is Now At Airbnb

We knew that the DailyBooth team, creators of photo sharing app Batch, moved on to greener pastures at Airbnb. The acquisition was to bolster the mobile apps and presence for Airbnb. What we didn’t know is what the fate of its products would be, but now we do.

Today, the “Batch team” sent out an email to its users informing them that they should download their photos, because the service will be shutting down today:

The email comes off as a bit short, signing off with “it’s been real.” It’s always a shame when a service shuts down, no matter how big or small the userbase is. Someone will be affected and have to find an alternative.

Its website also carries the same message. is a heck of a domain name. I wonder if Airbnb has ownership of that, too.

At the time of its launch, Batch drew high praise from the likes of our very own Michael Arrington, who called it “maybe the perfect photo sharing app.” Since I’m a photo freak, I enjoyed using it as well, although it didn’t quite grip for me after a while. I’m guessing I’m not the only one.

The app allowed you to create “Batches” of photos from an event and free the photos from your Camera Roll on iOS. If you’ve shared photos, you can use its website to connect to Facebook and grab them quickly. Do so, because everything will be deleted on November 8th. Hmph.

We’ve reached out to Airbnb and DailyBooth founder Brian Pokorny for further comment or if any of the technology from the service will be integrated into Airbnb’s own mobile service.