Google’s New Voting Tool Finds Your Personalized Ballot And Nearest Polling Place

Election Day is creeping up. Fortunately, Google has made it easy to find your nearest polling place and the candidates representing your registered address. The newly launched Voter Info tool pinpoints Election Day essentials and elegantly displays them on top of Google maps.

For those voters who still need to figure out how they’re voting on local candidates and ballot propositions. Here are a few resources:

  1. ElectNext and Project Vote Smart have a helpful wizard for matching political preferences to candidates.
  2. Many local newspapers endorse candidates and provide in-depth summaries on each position. Check out more than one to get multiple perspectives.
  3. State election guides are a handy non-partisan information source, especially if you live in a state like California with many ballot propositions.
  4. Update your Facebook profile with the voter registration status and encourage your friends to be good citizens, too.