Better Than Gmail Tasks: To-Do List App Any.DO Now Syncs With Gmail, Turns Emails Into Action Items On iOS, Android & Chrome

Any.DO, the mobile to do list app backed by $1 million in funding from Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors, Blumberg Capital, Genesis Partners and others, is today making good on its promise that it will become something more than your average task list. With the new Gmail integration feature debuting today, you can now turn email threads into actionable items that are automatically synced to Any.DO’s cross-platform apps.

Of course, Gmail already has its own task list functionality built-in (click “Gmail” in the top-left corner of your inbox and choose “Tasks” to access your current list). But Gmail’s native task list functionality falls short on mobile, where it’s supported as a mobile-optimized web page, as opposed to a feature-rich standalone app like Any.DO.

Using the updated Any.DO Google Chrome extension, you can now add tasks directly from your Gmail, which is in addition to the extension’s previously supported features that let you do things like sync your to-do’s, drag and drop items on your agenda, add reminders, and more. In addition, Any.DO will also support emailed-in reminders for non-Gmail users, or for those who can’t or don’t want to use the Chrome add-on. To create tasks using this method, it’s only a matter of emailing the address “” from your own email account.

CEO Omer Perchik says that email is one of the most common ways that people manage their to-do’s, which is why the company decided to launch Gmail integration. He also hints that additional Gmail integrations will be available over the next couple of weeks, but he declined to provide more information.

Any.DO, which now has millions of daily users according to Perchik, is available on both iOS and Android on mobile, and on Chrome for web users.