Top Gamification App On AppExchange Gets $1M From ePrize and Detroit Venture Partners

The No. 1 gamification app on AppExchange has secured $1 million from Detroit Venture Partners and ePrize.

Contest Builder is an app designed to motivate salespeople and increase productivity through contests that are built and deployed by sales managers. It can make a a game out of any sales task. The tool provides real-time feedback and data analytics.


Originally developed out of ePrize, the app was first designed to motivate its sales team. The app is now getting spun out under a separate company called LevelEleven.

Contest Builder now has 30 customers, including the Detroit Pistons and Comcast. Customers pay on a per-user basis with prices depending on the number of users.

Bob Marsh, CEO for LevelEleven, said they are wary about being too tied to, but for now it is an excellent platform for growing its business.

Marsh says Level Eleven competes with Badgeville and Bunchball. Those are companies that spread their offerings across different platforms.

There are advantages to being a single platform app. It helps focus development efforts and business opportunities. That’s okay for a while, but over time, Level Eleven will have to expand beyond Salesforce in order for the business to scale.