Lookout Brings Lost Phone Tracking Feature, Signal Flare, To iOS

Lookout, a company that offers security services for a number of smartphone platforms, is bringing its tracking feature for lost phones, Signal Flare, to iOS.

For background, Lookout’s web-based, cloud-connected applications for Android, and iOS devices help users from losing their phones and identifies and block threats on a consumer’s phone. Users simply download the software to a device, and it will act as a tracking application, data backup and a virus protector much like security software downloaded to a computer. People can also manage multiple mobile devices and locate a phone or tablet on a Google map.

Signal Flare automatically flags the last location of a phone if it has a low battery. If you lose your phone after a battery has died, Signal Flare improves your chances of finding the phone with its last whereabouts.

When your battery is running extremely low, Signal Flare logs your phone’s location to your Lookout account, accessible at Lookout.com from a phone or desktop. Lookout launched Signal Flare for Lookout on Android a few weeks ago, and millions of people are already using it, says the company.

As we reported a few weeks ago, nearly 30% of people who reported a lost phone via Lookout could not recover their phone said it was due to their battery dying, which is why Signal Flare was created.