Here’s To Another Crazy One: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Narrates Windows Phone 8 Ad

Microsoft is really pushing the personalised angle of Windows Phone 8 — so much so it’s co-opted sometimes crazy over-enthusiastic CEO Steve Ballmer into showing off his own Windows Phone and voicing one of the new ads. The move deliberately (or otherwise) echoes that of another tech CEO called Steve narrating a commercial (albeit, Apple’s Jobs’ The Crazy Ones ad never actually aired).

In the ad Ballmer explains what makes his Windows Phone uniquely his and shares a few personal details along the way — we learn that he always listens to his wife, needs to brush up his golf skills, likes to go to lunch with his sons and wants everyone to buy a Windows Phone. EVERYONE do you hear? There’s also a photo-cameo from Bill Gates.

At Windows Phone 8 launch event yesterday, Ballmer took the stage to talk up the new platform, telling the assembled press throng: “People all over the world are going to fall in love with Windows Phone” — and demonstrating how his phone could never be mistaken for model Jessica Alba’s.