Google’s New Nexus Commercial Puts Focus On The Platform, Not The Hardware

Google has posted a video called “Ask Me Anything” to the newly revamped Nexus website, and it shows quite clearly what role Google plays in your life.

Google answers your questions. Yes, that sometimes means a real question like “How much does the Earth weigh?” But perhaps more often, the questions that Google answers for us come from a tangent. A random search, followed by a click, and another click, and another click, until you’re somewhere new, learning something unexpected.

Maybe it’s the videos you watch on YouTube, or the ebooks you buy, the games you play, or a particularly enlightening email from good old Uncle George.

The point, however, is that Google wants to give you as many ways to ask your questions as possible. The hardware is irrelevant.

So Google braved a storm in the North East that started out as a sheepish school girl and ended up in leather pants with a cigarette (you know, Sandy), and still managed to pull off their big announcement yesterday.

We officially met the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, as Google refreshed the Nexus 7 with 3G.

So, the question now is, will you ask these devices anything?