New Nexus 7 Pricing Confirmed: $199 For 16GB, $249 For 32GB

Google is dropping the price on its 7-inch tablet. The 16GB model will soon cost $199, down from the original $249 MSRP. Likewise, a new model, a 32GB flavor, will occupy the $249 price point. There’s no word what’s to come of the 8GB model although early speculation stated that it could drop in price by as much as $100.

Google was supposed to have a big Android event today in NYC. But Hurricane Sandy decided to visit The Big Apple, take in a show and blow-in the sights.

The new Nexus 7 prices comes by Office Depot, a major US electronic retailer, which is currently displaying the 32GB model in one of its stores. The pricing is in line with recent speculation.

Google was expected to reveal the new Nexus 7 models at today’s now-canceled Android event. The widely-leaked Nexus 4 LG smartphone and Nexus 10 Samsung tablet was also supposed to be announced. Google has yet to reschedule the event and timing is everything. At this point it might not be possible to announces these products at a big dog and pony show before they hit retailers; the holiday season is upon us and retailers are not going to reschedule their plans because Google didn’t get to host a media circus.