Can I Play With Your Phone? Windows Phone 8’s Kid’s Corner Allows Your Kids To Safely Use Your Phone

Today at the Windows Phone 8 press conference, Microsoft unveiled a new feature for the operating system. Kid’s Corner is specifically targeted at your children who are so attracted by the vivid screen of your phone. In that mode, they can safely use certain games or apps.

“It’s a phone within a phone, but it’s a phone for your kids,” Joe Belifore said. In the settings, you choose the games, apps, music or videos for Kid’s Corner. The phone app or browser can’t be selected. From the demo, it seems simple.

Kids can then make custom tile sizes, add their name and customize it just like you can on your phone.

Even though smartphones are becoming great gaming platforms, they are still very personal devices. By building Kid’s Corner, Microsoft is answering the critics that keep asking for a guest mode on smartphones.