Exploreka’s Mobile App Displays A Map With Deals That You Can Instantly Use

Just when you thought local deals couldn’t be improved, Exploreka tries to provide something new. With that particular take, everything happens on mobile (iOS for now) with a map front and center.

Instead of dealing with emails and a minimum of subscribers, you launch the app and you are instantly rewarded with a series of deals. You can search, browse the map or filter by category. When you find the perfect deal, all that you’ have to do is to go to the location.

Even to get there, with a single tap you get GPS turn-by-turn directions from within the app. The app keeps tracks of your previous deals so that you can send them to your friends and family.

From the other side of the equation, business owners can manage everything instantly from the merchant portal. After registering, you can add, edit and remove deals with a couple of clicks. The changes will be instantly reflected in the app.

You can even schedule deals to bring clients during off-hours. For example, the price of a certain item can be lowered from 10AM to 1PM on Friday. Merchants can view when a deal was the most viewed or the most effective.

Visual Frames, the company behind Exploreka, plans to monetize the service by selling the ability to push deals. After the 30-day free trial, a merchant can use the service without limits in one location for around $60 a month (or $30 a month if you pay a year upfront). 11 people are now working on the product and the company is looking for funding to expand its activities.

Exploreka on the App Store

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