DreamIt Ventures Partners With Microsoft To Offer BizSpark To All Of Its Startups

DreamIt Ventures just announced that it is partnering with Microsoft’s BizSpark initiative to offer its startups access to the resources available through Microsoft’s program. As part of this partnership, DreamIt will also designate one of the companies from each of its programs as a “BizSpark Fellow.” This company will receive a number of extra benefits, including access to Microsoft engineers and evangelists.

DreamIt’s first BizSpark Fellow is FlagTap, a platform for helping websites get more traffic and engagement “via the world’s largest game of capture the flag.” “FlagTap is an excellent example of the type of business that the BizSpark program is designed to assist. The FlagTap product is data intensive and reaches across the web,” said Carlos McKinley, a Senior Director at Microsoft in a canned statement today.

BizSpark has recently partnered with a number of similar programs in the past, including, for example, New York’s Founder Institute and numerous incubators and accelerators outside of the U.S.

Just like the companies in these programs, DreamIt’s startups will receive $60,000 in Windows Azure services over two years, as well as access to Microsoft software and technical resources. In addition, BizSpark also aims to connect founders with other incubators, investors, advisors and mentors.

If you are interested in participating in DreamIt ventures accelerator program, it’s time to hurry up, as the deadline for the organization’s next program in Austin is today. DreamIt plans to launch this next batch of startups at SXSW 2013.