Twitter Now Has “Over 2,000 Ways” To Interact And Engage With Tweets Thanks To Twitter Cards

Today, Twitter gave us an update on how the company is doing on its “expanded tweet” program. Right now, the company says that there are over 2,000 unique ways to engage and interact with a tweet:

Earlier this summer, we introduced the ability to expand Tweets to see content previews, photos and videos right within a Tweet. At that time, we were working with a small group of partners. Today there are more than 2,000 ways to bring more interactive and engaging Tweets to your stream –– on, as well as Twitter for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

When you click a Tweet that contains a link to a partner site, the Tweet will expand, and you’ll be able to see more content directly within it. Here are some examples; we’re working to offer even more options.

The number is clearly a reference to the size of its partner pool for this initiative.

Partners like Amazon could eventually be huge, because you could click one button to purchase something that a friend tweeted out. Could Twitter get a cut of that? Time will tell, but it makes sense, no? Killer ad unit.

All of this extra information is coming to you by way of the Twitter Card initiative, where the service can pack a bunch of media into a tweet. Eventually, it wouldn’t be crazy to see polls and other interactive content. It would have been kind of cool for the election, no?

Back in July, I wrote a piece wondering out loud how much more stuff Twitter could jam into a tweet and whether it’s a good thing or not. Considering that viewing the content keeps me on Twitter instead of sending me to a different site or network, I’m kind of ok with it. For now.