Tim Cook: Customers Choose To Buy Our Products Because We Don’t Cut Corners

During the Q4 2012 earnings call today, Tim Cook fielded a question regarding the upcoming strong financial push that Apple will be making this holiday season. As you know, Apple had a strong Q4 and has just re-launched its complete lineup of products. It’s before Christmas, so someone is getting goodies in their stockings their year.

Cook said that customers are delighted with Apple products because of its focus on design, and clearly stated that it doesn’t “cut corners.” This is probably a stab at Samsung, who has lost its court battle against Apple due to lifting some of the major components of the iPhone’s success.

Other publications poked fun at Apple regarding this, saying:

Somehow, Apple was able to patent and successfully defend a claim to phone that are rectangular with rounded edges and rounded backs.

Cook and Apple just got the last laugh. The CEO didn’t stop with the “cutting corners” comment, he also had this to say about Microsoft’s Surface tablet:

I haven’t played with the surface yet, but what we can tell is that it’s a fairly compromised confusing product. You could design a car that flys and floats, but I don’t think it would do any of those things particularly well.


It’s not a surprise that Apple is dedicated to creating the “best in class” when it comes to devices, just look at this video about the iPad mini featuring Jony Ive:


I’m not ready to let Apple off of the hook for iOS 6 Maps though, but at least Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer addressed it during the call:

We’ve made a number of improvements to Maps in the past months, and will work non-stop until Maps reaches our high standards.

[Photo credit: Flickr]